Hunting from Horses, Using Blood Hound Dogs, and What to Bring While Hunting Big Game with Toby Creek Outfitters

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Hounds, and your Gear

Meet your Horses and Hounds

and don't forget to bring ...

Hunting in our area requires the use of horses. Many of our trails and locations are accessible only by foot or on horseback. While we do have cabins to which we can drive, most of the hunts will occur further in the bush and horses and pack horses are required.

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Our horses have been used as guiding and pack horses for years. As you may have read, we operate a summer Trail Ride program for the Panorama Ski & Golf Resort. The horses that are used to carry novice and experienced riders - including families, will be used during you hunting program with Toby Creek. The horses are used to carry people and packs up and down our network of trails.horses at toby glacier

Each of our cabins and camps have corrals. The corrals ensure that your horse will be there when you awake! and of course, it is a compassionate alternative to hobbles. During the summer months, we clean the debris from the trails and stock the outpost camps with fuel (propane), wood, and hay for horses.

horses at toby glacier

Our pack horses are equiped to carry approx. 60 - 80 lbs. of gear to our camps. We limit the amount of weight our horses will pack. This ensures a strong and healthy mount when required.

You do not need to be a seasoned rider to enjoy the thirll of hunting on horseback. Our horses have become conditioned to all styles of rider, and are comfortable with the sound of guns and the kill.

horses glacier

Our Riding and Pack horses are equipped with appropriate tackle including: broken-in saddles, and saddlebags and scabbards for your rifle(s).

Release the Hounds

The sounds of hounds picking up a trail, or having treed a predatory add to the hunt. Many of our guides raise or own Blood Hounds that we use to assist in the pursuit of predators and bears. hunting dogs

Once the hounds have picked up the scent of either a cougar, lynx, bobcat or black bear, the race to try to tree the animal. Treeing an animal does not insure a kill, as there is always a variable that might affect the hunt, the dog or the predator.

We will have some pictures of some of the guide's hounds on the web site this winter.

Your Gear List

We want your stay with us to be comfortable! Here is basic list of items we recommend you bring on your hunting trip. NOTE: This is a partial list.

Please advise us of any allergies, including food, or pre-existing medical conditions. You should bring two sets of any medication - including all presriptions, on your carry-on, so it arrives with you.

It is practical to dress in "layers". This allows you to add, or remove articles of clothing to adjust to the weather, tempature and activity. You should have clothing suitable for warm days and cold nights.

Suggested Items:

  • one large duffle bag
  • sleeping bag (go to -20 degrees Centigrade)
  • rifle(s) and ammunition
  • binoculars
  • spotting scope, tripod, camera (and film!) (optional)
  • two change of clothes, extra socks
  • waterproof hiking boots (broken-in) and spare boots
  • warm jacket
  • long underwear
  • rain cover/gear
  • toiletries
  • hat and toque (Canadian winter hat)
  • gloves
  • day pack (waterproof)
  • small flashlight (with extra batteries)
  • knife
  • *** prescription medicine ***, and other items for medicinal purposes
  • prescription eye glasses (two sets if possible)
  • sunglasses
  • any spirits you wish to have in camp
  • NOTE: Wool or Polar Fleece is recommended. These materials are warm, quiet and repel water better than most items. Bright colors are not required.

    Please see the What to Expect section for additional information. We can also answer any question you have regarding gear, accommodations, and personal comfort and safety. Don't hesitate to ask, as we want to make your stay enjoyable and it is too late to ask after the fact!.

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