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The following is provided in anticipation of your visit. Please contact us if you have any questions or require additional information.


We will assist you in planning all travel and accommodations arrangements.

We suggest you fly to Cranbrook, British Columbia or Calgary, Alberta where we will reserve rooms in a hunter friendly hotel for the day of arrival and for nite before your departure*.

We will make every effort to meet you at the airport or hotel in Calgary, depending upon the hunts, dates and availability.  We are a scenic two hour drive from Calgary.   

* note: this is done at the hunter's expense.

During the Hunt Toby Creek will provide:

  • Lodging for the duration of the hunt.
  • Accommodations: Base camps with hot showers and private bunk houses. Satellite cabin camps have cookhouses and bunkhouses. Most spoke camps are cabins.
  • Guides who are hired for their hunting skills and horsemanship, as well as their knowledge of the area and friendliness.
  • Quiet and gentle moutain horses, pack horses and excellent equipment.
  • Home-cooked meals prepared by great cooks.
  • Transportation to and from major airports (Calgary, Alberta or Cranbrook, British Columbia).
  • Fair-chase hunts using horses and a one-on-one guide services.
  • A quality hunt, great food, comfortable accommodations and an honest effort in every way!

  • Big Game Hunts

    Black Bear

    Grizzly Bear

    Cougar / Mountain Lion



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    Our main camp is on Toby Creek and from there horses are used to reach the other camps within the Toby Creek Drainage. Access to our two base camps is by road and access to all our other camps is by horse.

    All our camps and cabins have horse corrals and are well tended and equipped. All the camps are cabins, including the spike camps and are all equipped with propane and come with wood stoves for heat. Our horses are all corralled and fed with hay, which we pack in by horses throughout the summer. There is no wasted hunting time in the early morning hours because of lost horses that have been hobbled. We have been told our horses and mules are some of the best in S. E. British Columbia and our trail network is "second to none", with Joe and his helper clearing and upgrading the trails every June, July and August.

    Any spike camp that you will be placed in will be selected based on the species you are hunting, your age, physical condition, your objectives and/or limitations. Many of our clients prefer to hunt out of a spike camp with a hunting partner, going different directions from camp, hunting alone with his guide during the day but returning to camp each evening to share the evening talk with his friend. If we can accommodate this wish, we'll certainly do so.




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