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Our main camp is on Toby Creek and from there horses are used to reach the other camps within the Toby Creek Drainage. Access to our two base camps is by road and access to all our other camps is by horse Toby Creek Outfitters shares Toby Creek (actually a river) with a first class Ski and Golf Resort.

Our Main base camp is situated two miles upstream from the golf course and ski hill of Intrawest's Panorama Resort. The Main base camp is approx. 20 kilometres (12 miles), into the wilderness, from the nearest town,. Across from the base of the ski hill, we have our stables and trail riding operations during the summer. Ten miles farther into the Purcell mountain range, we have another corral and camp. This camp is accessible only by horse (and walking). On the other side of the ski resort, approx twenty miles, as the crow flies, is another base camp, Brewer, nestled between a conservation area and true wilderness.

brewer camps

Each of our camps hosts sleeping cabins and corrals. Our camps are maintained throughout the year, and the trails, corrals and access roads are reviewed throughout the year. Each camp is self-contained with its own fridge, stove, firewood and hay for the horses.

The main base camp is set in a quiet setting on Toby Creek, about 1 kilometer (2 miles) from the Resort. This distance provides the privacy, solitude and respect you deserve as a hunter, and a guest of Toby Creek Outfitters. It has two cook houses, four sleeping cabins, (ranging from 2- 8 beds, some with bunk beds), corrals and storage facilities. brewer camps

Brewer camp divides a stream into two, which makes the camp an island. Picturesque and private, this setting is ideal for solitude and hunting. Access to this camp is through the Purcell Conservation Area. Set approx. 10 miles off the main road, and another twenty minutes drive on a 4 X 4 trail, this camp contains a cookhouse, two sleeping cabins for up to 8 hunters in each, and a sauna. Yes, a cedar sauna. Where else can you hunt in a beautiful setting, have sauna and hot shower in the true wilderness, miles from civilation? spike camps

The Glacier camp is a four or five hour horseback ride towards the glacier. We spend summer months packing in supplies for you, the hunter, and our horses and pack horses that we use for the hunts. This camp is in the Conservation Area which means that no vehicular traffic is available. Actually, the camp is situated in an Area that is a no-fly zone also!

Our cabins are rustic, each equipped with propane accessories and their own wood stove. Beds are of good quality. Facilities are limited as this is the remote wilderness but the water is clean and the air is fresh! The sky is light only by stars, and if there is snow on the ground, the moonlight will provide a glow throughout the evenings.

All the camps are cabins, including the spike camps and are all equipped with propane and come with wood stoves for heat. Our horses are all corralled and fed with hay, which we pack in by horses throughout the summer. There is no wasted hunting time in the early morning hours because of lost horses that have been hobbled. We have been told our horses and mules are some of the best in S. E. British Columbia and our trail network is "second to none", with our Guides and Crew clearing and upgrading the trails every June, July and August.

Any spike camp that you will be placed in will be selected based on the species you are hunting, your age, physical condition, your objectives and/or limitations. Many of our clients prefer to hunt out of a spike camp with a hunting partner, going different directions from camp, hunting alone with his guide during the day but returning to camp each evening to share the evening talk with his friend. If we can accommodate this wish, we'll certainly do so.

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